Designed and Built Locally



Industrial Systems Group (ISG) serves as the manufacturing arm of Naizak Global Engineering Systems (Naizak) and functions as the Locally Approved Manufacturing facility with five operating plants. These plants are categorized as follows:

1. ISG Composites: 4,000 Sqm
2. ISG Electric & Process Automation: 15,000 Sqm
3. ISG Fittings & Valves: 24,000 Sqm
4. ISG AUMA: 4,000 Sqm
5. ISG Valmet: 5,000 Sqm

Each facility is strategically designed to meet specific manufacturing requirements, collectively contributing to the comprehensive capabilities of ISG within the engineering and systems domain.

Located at 2nd Industrial City, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, ISG specializes in delivering industry-standard quality solutions primarily designed for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, and Water sectors. Our local facility is fully equipped to fabricate electrical equipment suitable for use in Classified Areas. We excel in the production of highly engineered valves and fittings, including Saudi Aramco approved Analyzer Shelters & Cabinets, ESD cabinets, RTU panels, Industrial IoT Field Sensors, Gas Detectors, and various other smart solutions.Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and adhering to ISO standards, our facility ensures enhanced productivity. We are committed to meeting customer needs and contributing to the growth of localized industries. ISG remains steadfast in its determination to expand our presence, catering to the dynamic needs of the evolving local market.