Autonomous threat response, scheduled patrols, surveillance, and intrudion detection.
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Welcome to Blackbird Autonomous Perimeter Security Drone

The name of our drone pays homage to the historic SR-71 Blackbird of the United States Air Force—a strategic reconnaissance aircraft.


33 Max Minutes Per Flight
45 Minutes To Fully Charge
5500 Weight (Grams)
128 Encryption (AES)

Base Station

The Nightingale base station is an integral component of Robotic Aerial Security. Base stations are installed on rooftops and other secure locations around your facility. They are the communication hub of the drone fleet and their industrial-grade, weather-and-endurance-tested aluminum construction makes them strong—and a great place to call home.


The Nightingale base stations allow the drones to be mission-ready 24/7. The drones and base stations are a force multiplier providing additional security capabilities, and they never switch off. They’re always on duty, alert and poised for immediate deployment.


Using advanced computer vision, IR beacons, and cameras, our drones can take off and land completely by themselves—even in high wind speeds. So when duty calls, our autonomous system can have a drone airborne in less than 30 seconds.


When the drone lands on the base station after a mission, it immediately begins charging through contact points in its legs and the gold-plated nickel charging plates on the base station. Our contact charging solution has proven reliable in challenging weather environments.


The base station comes with both heating and cooling elements to keep the drone at an optimal operating temperature and protect the drone from the weather elements. Nightingale now also offers a specialized cold-weather base station with more robust heating and ice melting capabilities.


The base station contains the necessary network and computation capacity to provide drone coordination support, task assignment, and machine learning processing power to the system. All data gathered by our system is processed and stored behind your firewall—ensuring your data is onsite and safe.


Our drones and base stations communicate and collaborate. If a drone is on a mission and its battery runs low, another drone will autonomously deploy and finish the mission—allowing the first drone to safely return to the base station and recharge.


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